Dinda Foods


Peach pie

Ready in





  • • 1 can of Dinda peach in syrup
  • • 1 box of 390g Dinda condensed milk
  • • 1 cup of peach flavored gelatin
  • • 2 packs of Dinda Petit Beurre
  • • 2 packs of Milk skin


  1. Separate the peach syrup and bring to the boil. When boiling, add the peach gelatine at once and mix well until dissolved. Reserve to cool down. Grind the Dinda Petit Beurre and spread on the bottom of a glass bowl. Put the peach on top, chopped into small pieces. Reserve some peach halves to decorate.
  2. Aside, blender the cream until it has volume and consistency. Add to the cream the Dinda Condensed Milk and finally the peach gelatine already at room temperature. Mix well and pour into the bowl over the cut peaches.
  3. To finish, cut the reserved peaches into slices for decoration and cover with cream for all. Take to refrigerator for two hours.
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